Status of residence(VISA)

 Status of residence differs from VISA correctly. However, if VISA is told to the foreigners who reside in Japan, it leads. Next, there are 27 kinds of status of residence. The foreigners who live in Japan lawfully have got status of residence in principle. Furthermore, status of residence is classified into the activity type and the social position type. Although it thinks that it is the status of residence where the status of residence of the social position type was stabilized rather than the activity type, a special type like diplomacy or official business is also thought that the status of residence of a social position type is status of residence with different power. In addition, the outside of the notification which the notification notified is not given notice of can exist, or it can also classify the status of residence classified into 27 kinds into the notification settlement notified also of the permanent resident, and settlement notification outside according to specific activity. The immigration control system itself is complicated and the status-of-residence system supporting it has also become complicated naturally. therefore, it is natural, when the barrier of language is taken into consideration since it thinks that the ordinary Japanese of touch that the procedure of the foreigners who live in Japan is very complicated, and troublesome is also complicated furthermore. It is one of the important work of a gyouseishosi to support a foreigner earnestly to eyes by the side of the foreigner restrained by the status-of-residence system.

The idea of AT international gyoseishosi office

 The gyouseishosi in whom the application to the Immigration Bureau has full knowledge of an experience in actual business and law helps you. In addition to there being no less than 27 kinds, status of residence is more extensive than the disposal which the government and municipal offices of others [ discretion / the Minister of Justice ] give. It is one of the factors which needs to associate with immigration control administration with a complicated foreigner who lives in Japan. Specialists, such as complicated immigration control administration, therefore a public notary, are needed from society. After this office naturally understands the meaning of the prominent McLean judgment (October 4, Showa 53) and having full knowledge of the width of the width of discretion of the Immigration Bureau, the Ministry of Justice, Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law, Nationality Law, the Family Registration Law, the administrative law, the constitution and Civil Code, and the Immigration Bureau -- you learn various statute and judicial precedents continually, and are making it reflected in business becoming in what kind of case, when it is not necessarily a discretion act anything and disposal of an administrative agency becomes illegal although discretion of the Minister of Justice is large -- naturally I understand. If what happens to the whereabouts of the policy about the foreigner of future Japan may change being influenced by the political power at the time a lot [ it is needless to say and / in people's judgment ], it may be made by the same employment as the present. Population policy is one of the policies important also in a national policy. Japan realizes global peace which is one of the ideas of the Constitution of Japan which has not necessarily closed the country, builds the cooperative relation of an overseas, keeps good [ balance ] both wheels of national interest and human rights, and is said to be the most excellent in the world, and does not become precocious in ねば. More than internationalization and a person are AT international public notary office persons, before having naturally, it respects the human rights which are national rights that neither Japanese nor a foreigner has discrimination.